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Boston General Store @ SoWa


South End Open Market @ SoWa is a must on Sundays in Boston. Amazing vendors, food, art, jewelry, vintage finds and sweet treats. I was excited to see this cute set up by The Boston General Store. Go check them out today until 4p.

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In my opinion, there is no safe amount of added sugar or sugar substitutes. Sugar is also hidden in everything; coffee creamer, bread, dressings, cereal, yogurt, etc. Look above at all the aliases sugar has in hopes to disguise itself within the ingredient list on food labels. Sneaky.

Naturally contained sugars in fruit and vegetables are balanced by the fiber, vitamins, enzymes and other properties of the fruit/vegetable which slow sugar digestion and help the body deal with it more easily. Added sugar, on the other hand, provides none of these benefits and instead:

  • Stresses the Liver
  • Increases Bad Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Can contribute to Leptin Resistance which creates an addictive sugar response in the brain.
  • Weight gain, cravings, sleep trouble

Sugar doesn’t fill you up but instead encourages you to eat more. Stick to naturally occurring sugar in fruits and veggies! My only sugar exception is dark chocolate. 🙂

Back Bay Yoga

468058_10151095256473528_1811891510_oMy boyfriend and I recently were relocated for his job from New York City to Boston, so we’ve only been living in Boston since April. Thankfully we missed all the snow! I’ve never spent anytime in Boston before, so it’s all a new adventure!

My friend Danielle asked me to join her for Yoga at her favorite studio last weekend and I’m so happy that I tagged along. Maybe it’s just me but going into a new yoga studio sometimes feels like the first day of school but not at Back Bay Yoga,  I was greeted with positive energy the moment I walked in.  My first Boston Yoga experience was nothing but genuine, humble, no frills, just Yoga.

Our teacher Renee was so refreshing and very witty! Nothing like laughing so hard in Navasana (boat pose) to make your abs burn even more. Not to mention the fact that Renee had us lower and lift into Navasana 20 times in a row, I thought she was kidding at first but she was on her mat doing them right along with us. This Yogini is down to earth, funny but very challenging! I love teachers who can command a class but not take themselves too seriously, it creates such a great energy and experience for the entire room. We just can’t take ourselves so seriously all the time and especially in Yoga. As a Pilates and Yoga teacher myself, it’s a challenge to teach a group of people that are staring back at you with nothing but stern and serious looks. (New Yorkers are the most guilty of this, so intense sometimes!) Relax people, it’s just Yoga, it’s okay to smile or laugh during your Down Dog. Breathe and let your self go.

I definitely recommend Back Bay Yoga for anyone – cool teachers, great vibe and easy sign up. This place is solid. They have a new student special, $25 for 2 weeks unlimited classes, which is great deal! They also have a deal up on Gilt Group right now. Don’t miss out! I doubt I’ll be signing up for their “Black Light Yoga” or “Hip-Hop Yoga” classes anytime soon but if house music and yoga are your thing, then you’re in for a treat. I’ll stick to regular Vinyasa for now. Namaste!