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Current Beauty Regime

il_fullxfullMany friends, clients and family have been asking what green beauty products I use, so below are my current favorites. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is very different, what works for one may not work for someone else. I’ve tried and tested many products and continue to refine my beauty routine.

As someone who has suffered from acne into my 30’s, I’m happy to finally say that my skin has never looked better! Someone the other day told me that I had beautiful glowing skin…I was so taken aback, I’ve never received that compliment before, it made my heart explode! This did not happen overnight or by some magic potion or cream, this has been a journey. I’ve always had a healthy diet but it still needed to be streamlined (our diet can ALWAYS be better). Especially by understanding which foods trigger my sensitivities and which foods and superfoods to add into my diet with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. I’ve not only changed my beauty routine to green products but even changed our home and laundry cleaning products.

There are many factors that go into changing/healing your skin and it all starts with what you put IN your body, not just ON it. I will most more about this topic later! I highly recommend the book “Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out” by Jolene Hart. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jolene at the Well Summit in Boston two weeks ago, she presented a lovely session about eating for the Fall/Winter season while nourishing your body, energy and skin. Our vegetables, spices and superfoods can heal our skin from the inside out. Please stop buying harsh skin products that promise to resolve problem skin (that are doing you more harm than good) and beauty starts from the inside! Jolene’s book is great resource to help you get started on the journey to eating for beautiful skin. Find Jolene’s book HERE. 

Onto my current product list!

Face Wash: Aleavia “Cleanse” Neutralizing Facial Cleanser ~link 

Makeup Remover: Coconut Oil *I remove makeup and first cleanse my entire face with coconut oil, then gently wipe off with a hot wash cloth. Then I use Aleavia – this is known as “Double Cleansing”. In the shower, I just use Aleavia and often just use warm water in the morning.

Eye Cream: 100% Pure Coffee Bean (I received a sample, so I’ve been using for about 2 weeks) ~ link

Face Exfoliator: Leah Lani Skin Care Honey Love ~ link,  Acure Brightening Facial Scrub ~ link 

Face Masks: Mahalo Care Pele Mask ~ link,  Leah Lani Skin Care Mermaid Mask ~ link

Body Scrub: Organic Bath Co. – SubLime Organic Body Scrub (Gianne who organized the AMAZING Well Summit is also the founder of this amazing Boston based organic skin care line – incredible woman!) ~ link

Body Wash: Dr. Bronner’s Almond Pure Castile Liquid Soap ~ link 

Deodorant: Funkless NYC (made by my friend Kevin Steinmuller, this is the one and only natural deodorant that works to keep me dry & funkless, even during the sweatiest workouts.) I use Jasmine/Bergamot and my boyfriend uses Tea Tree. ~ link 

Toothpaste: Jason Sea Fresh ~ link 

Perfume: Leah Lani Organic Perfume Oil Mahana ~ link

Sunless Tanner: Chocolate Sun Cocoa Fleur 1 Atomizer ~link 

Face (Day): Acure Day Cream (only $16.99 Available at Target and I usually order on ~link 

Face (Night): Organic Rose Hip Oil *I’m currently searching for a great winter face cream, my skin gets extremely dry. I’m going to Follain today to get a sample of Josh Rosebrook Day Cream (link). I had the pleasure to spend time with Josh during the Well Summit conference. This beautiful soul has so much passion for life, meditation and the products he created. Knowing the people that have created the products themselves and with so much love…yes please!!!

Body Lotion: Deep Steep Body Lotion & Body Butter in Passion Fruit Guava – I absolutely LOVE this scent! I also make my own body butter at home for the Winter. Only $10.95, available at Whole Foods & on 

Lip Moisture: Soapwalla Lip Locked Coconut Lime ~ link

Shampoo: InnerSense Organic Beauty Color Awakening Hair Bath ~ link

Conditioner: InnerSense Organic Beauty Color Radiance ~ link
(LOVE this brand! My scalp is so sensitive, most products make my hair line breakout and give me an itchy scalp but no longer with these amazing products. All of InnerSense’s products score a ZERO on the Think Dirty list. Woo-hoo!) 

Hair Brush: Wet Brush (Where has this been my entire life!?  Not that this is “green beauty” product but had to list it because it’s amazing. With long hair, after the shower, I’m always ripping knots out of my hair but this brush makes life SO much easier. $3.99 at Marshalls or you could find at Target or CVS). ~ link 


I’ll post my Makeup and home cleaning favorites in a separate post!