About Me

I’ve just started this blog, so it’s a work in progress. Much more to come as I get it up and running! Please stay tuned!

A former Music Marketing Executive who left it all behind to pursue a life of health & wellness.  On a quest to heal herself and help others glow from the inside out. Green Beauty Explorer. Pilates Instructor.  Conquering Celiac Disease & sensitivites. Mermaid vibes.

Green Beauty Reviews. D.I.Y. tips, Fitness, Healthy & healing recipes. I just moved to Boston from New York City with my boyfriend and our adorable rescue puppy Georgia, so will also be posting about our adventures in our new city!

Classically trained Pilates Instructor. I left my stressful and demanding job in the music industry to find balance in my life. Good health, a strong mind, strong body, knowledge of self and inner peace are the staples of our personal being. Our body is our temple, we must cherish and take care of ourselves first, before all else. When we are strong, confident and happy with ourselves, that energy radiates to the rest of the world. I work with clients of all ages, fitness experience and any injuries. I love to push my clients to get stronger and truly connect to the Pilates method. No matter the injury, we can work together to get you stronger. I love to work with athletes and fitness professionals. I cherish all my clients, they motivate me daily and bring so much gratitude to my life.
I know what the effects of working in a high paced and stressful industry can have on one’s body, not to mention sitting at a desk and looking at our phones all day, so I’m dedicated to helping my business clients find that solitude during our sessions. Guiding them to discover their mind/body connection and inner/outer strength. Strong body, strong mind!